Windows are a defining feature of any space inside and out, framing your view and bringing in light and air. With several bespoke ranges, we can create windows to match your aspirations, thoughtfully crafted to complement your exterior and interior style, including colours and accessories. From classic to contemporary, every window will perform as beautifully as it looks, with weather resistance, energy efficiency and security built-in.

Key features

  • thermal performanceThermal performance
  • Ultra slim
  • weather-resistanceWeather resistance
  • high-securityHigh security
  • versatile-applicationVersatile application
  • highly-durable-powder-coatingHighly durable powder coating

    Live life in colour

    With an almost limitless range of colours and finishes, we can create the perfect windows to suit your space and style, inside and out. From metallics, brights and pastels, to shades inspired by nature and heritage, our design palette is full of inspiration, modern and traditional. Options include single, dual and bespoke colour schemes and a choice of matching or contrasting accessories, including handles and hinges.


    Handle with love

    Our impressive range of window accessories means we can tailor your windows to suit your needs, right down to the finest detail. Designed to complement your chosen window style and opening option, we can help you choose every finishing touch. From security features such as multipoint or cockspur locking handles, to the overall look and feel of your chosen solution.

    Beat the elements

    All our windows have weather resistance and energy efficiency built-in, with innovative features that go above and beyond industry standards and optional enhancements bespoke to your needs. From insulating, energy-saving thermal breaks between inner and outer frames to minimise heat loss and condensation, to clear and simple standards for energy performance, including A+ Window Energy Ratings (WER) and impressively low U-values for insulation.

    Design for life

    The right windows aren’t just a stunning design feature, they’re a great way to bring any space to life, practically and aesthetically. With our impressive choice of glazing options we can help you harness the power of natural light and create the ambience you’re looking for, bespoke to your world, inside and out. From single, double and triple glazing, through coated and decorative choices, to contemporary innovations including self-clean, solar-control and insulated gas-filled glass. All designed to deliver outstanding thermal and acoustic performance.

    Frame your world

    The right frame can lift your windows to new heights, enhancing every view and the overall look and feel of your project, inside and out. We can help you decide on the perfect approach, from classic heritage styles designed for the 21st century, to slim, sleek contemporary lines and frameless options.

    Expand your horizons

    We craft solutions uniquely designed to fit every space, encompassing all kinds of window styles and opening options, including casement, tilt and turn, top swing reversible, pivoting and many more. Perfect for buildings old or new, classic or contemporary, heritage or futuristic.

    Beauty from within

    Effortlessly light and impressively strong, aluminium gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to windows. It’s the perfect material for a range of styles, from contemporary minimalist designs to traditional looks crafted for the modern age. Intrinsically long-lasting, high-performing, low maintenance and recyclable, without losing any of its properties. The beauty of aluminium goes far beyond skin-deep.