Step into our stunning range of bespoke doors, all of which can be tailored to your unique space and interior style, in almost limitless colours and finishes. From a signature front door to bi-folding and sliding designs opening up an entire wall, it’s easy to create the look you want, practically and aesthetically, with the reassurance of exceptional security and energy performance.

Key features

  • thermal performanceThermal performance
  • Ultra slim
  • high-securityHigh security
  • finger-safeFinger safe
  • highly-durable-powder-coatingHighly durable powder coating
  • low-thresholdLow threshold

    Turn up the colour

    Available in an incredible choice of high quality colours and finishes both inside and out, our doors are designed to match your vision effortlessly, or make a bold statement of their own. From stylish pastels and soothing natural hues to bright contemporary shades, available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. Options include single, dual and bespoke colour schemes and matching accessories for exceptional attention to interior and exterior detail. Complement, contrast, go subtle or be brave…with almost unlimited options the world’s your oyster.

    Let in the light

    Our wide range of bespoke glazing options are made with every sense in mind, helping you let in the beauty of natural light and create the perfect ambience all year round. From single, double and triple glazing, through coated and decorative choices, to contemporary innovations including self-clean, solar-control and insulated gas-filled glass. All designed to deliver outstanding thermal and acoustic performance.

    Warm in winter, cool in summer

    Control your climate all year round with smart systems that go above and beyond industry standards for thermal performance. Our insulating doors all have impressively low U-values and come with innovative features such as thermal breaks and barriers built-in, designed to minimise heat loss and condensation, plus optional, energy-saving enhancements bespoke to your needs. For the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency, no matter what the elements throw at you.

    A handle on style

    We have an impressive range of accessories to complement your door including hinges, handles, pulls, letterboxes and knockers. Designed for exceptional strength and durability, as well as style, every product in our range can be colour matched for a flawless finish or contrasted to accentuate the overall look and feel of your space. We can also recommend the perfect solution for your needs, especially when it comes to the security and functionality of your door’s main operating handle and lock system.

    Wonderfully practical

    Because our doors are tailored to your requirements, we can make sure they’re unique to your space and designed with everyone in mind. From practical features like anti-finger-trap technology to protect delicate little fingers, to a flexible range of ways to open, close and use your doors to full effect.


    Easy come, easy go

    Our innovative glazing solutions are the perfect way to create a smooth, harmonious link between your indoor and outdoor spaces. To blend the two together seamlessly, we design and install doors with carefully-crafted thresholds, combining the need for aesthetic perfection with practical considerations like weather-tight seals and access.

    Beauty from within

    Effortlessly light and impressively strong, aluminium gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to doors. It’s the perfect material for a range of styles, from contemporary minimalist designs to traditional looks crafted for the modern age. Intrinsically long-lasting, high-performing, low-maintenance and recyclable, without losing any of its properties. The beauty of aluminium goes far beyond skin-deep.

    Safe and sound

    All our doors are security tested and certified for exceptional piece of mind, meeting and exceeding British standards for security. Made from high-strength aluminium, they incorporate a range of built-in protection features, including internal glazing beads to prevent the removal of glass from outside and high-security, multi-point locking mechanisms.

    Look beyond

    Our flexible range redefines the possibilities when it comes to doors, giving you the option to turn a functional feature into a design statement and open up a whole new light-filled vista. With everything from a single pane of glass, to multi-panelled systems we can create the exact look and feel you’re after.