A stunning way to transform any building into a grand design, our bespoke curtain walling comes with infinite possibilities in an endless range of styles, colours and finishes. From a single-storey to multiple levels, we can create sweeping glass facades and panoramas, ingeniously combined with doors and windows. Say hello to life on a magnificent scale.

Key features

  • thermal performanceThermal performance
  • Ultra slim
  • versatile-applicationVersatile application

    Break the mould

    Available in an almost unlimited choice of colours and finishes, our bespoke curtain walling is the perfect way to make a bold architectural statement. From strong and striking, to soft and subtle, we can help you find the perfect colour scheme for your project, inside and out.


    A born performer

    Great design doesn’t have to mean compromising on things like weather resistance or energy efficiency. Our bespoke curtain walling is designed to take on the elements all year round, rigorously tested to UK standards and beyond, to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. From smart technology like insulating thermal breaks built-in, to specific solutions for ground floor and high rise buildings.

    See the big picture

    With a range of glazing solutions including vision glass, spandrel panels and insulated options in a choice of thicknesses, we can tailor your curtain walling to everything from your space and location, to the ambience and view you want to create.

    Secure by design

    Featuring innovative design techniques and high strength aluminium frames, our bespoke curtain walling is crafted to give you maximum security and protection, uniquely tailored to your space.

    Beauty from within

    Effortlessly light and impressively strong, aluminium gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to curtain walling. It’s the perfect material for a range of styles, from contemporary minimalist designs to traditional looks crafted for the modern age. Intrinsically long-lasting, high-performing, low maintenance and recyclable, without losing any of its properties. The beauty of aluminium goes far beyond skin-deep.